Painting and decorating is easy, an assumption made by many but the truth of the matter is it’s all about the standard and quality of the finish. Leaving it to the professionals not only gives you a superior appearance, the work is carried out on budget and of course on time.

As LUXE are professional painters and decorators we help our customers with decision making right from the beginning. After together coming up with a design and having a clear view of what our customers want LUXE provide clients with a free no obligation quotation and then on if the quote is accepted we leave no time in carry out the painting and decorating works.

A commonly asked question is, how long does it take you to complete a room compared to if we do it ourselves? The answer is simple years of experience! We do not doubt that a good do it yourself enthusiast can turn out an acceptable job, the question is how long will it take? and at what cost?

LUXE Painters and Decorators not only use the best quality paint brushes, rollers and spraying equipment but we also use the latest techniques like HVLP spraying and dustless sanding.

So, doing the work yourself does seem to be of somewhat false economy, taking all the facts into account from the years of experience our painters have to the quality and expense of tools involved to achieve a deluxe finish, it really isn’t a difficult decision after all.